I, for one, appreciate and am grateful for the daily sacrifice that members of our law enforcement community make. As policy makers, we have to remember that our first responsibility is providing for public safety.
— Senator David J. Sanders, Campaign Keynote Speaker

As the chief law enforcement officer for the State, I want all Arkansans to know of the tremendous dedication and sacrifice police officers make to keep our communities and neighborhoods safe. I am pleased that the Arkansas Behind the Badge program will help highlight our local heroes who get up every day and put on the badge to protect and serve. In this time of animosity toward law enforcement, we as a State cannot do enough to recognize the great work and commitment of these officers. Tell’em thanks!
— Leslie Rutledge, Arkansas Attorney General

My first responsibility to our citizens is to ensure the public’s safety. Our police officers are the front line of that effort and deserve our support.
— Barry Hyde, Pulaski County Judge

Every day the men and women of the Little Rock Police Department put their lives on the line to keep us safe so that we may enjoy our family and friends both at work and at play. We often take for granted how dangerous an occupation they have chosen. The next time you see a police officer, stop and say, ‘Thank you for all you do to keep us safe!’
— Mark Stodola, Little Rock Mayor

Our officers focus on improving the quality of life for our citizens through smart policing efforts and building cooperative relationships and mutual respect with all segments of our community. But they are even more than that with humanitarian efforts going beyond the call of duty.
— Joe Smith, North Little Rock Mayor

We are a dedicated group of men and women who serve this community with dignity and respect. The badge worn by members of the Little Rock Police Department is a symbol of our commitment to public safety.
— Kenton Buckner, Little Rock Police Chief

Our mission is to promote a high quality of life for our citizens and visitors by ensuring a safe, secure, and peaceful environment being accountable for our actions and responsive to the needs of those we serve.
— Michael Davis, North Little Rock Police Chief

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office serves the citizens of Pulaski county with respect and dignity. Each of our deputies take pride in their service and I am proud to lead them.
— Doc Holladay, Pulaski County Sheriff
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