Little Rock Police Department

We are a dedicated group of men and women who serve this community with dignity and respect. The badge worn by members of the Little Rock Police Department is a symbol of our commitment to public safety.
— Kenton Buckner, Little Rock Police Chief

In 1831, the Town of Little Rock was incorporated, and Dr. Matthew Cunningham won the first mayoral election. In 1835, Little Rock was incorporated as the first City in the Arkansas Territory. The Little Rock Police Department was established in 1866. 

Our Mission:

The mission of the Little Rock Police Department is to provide the citizens of Little Rock, Arkansas, with a law enforcement system that effectively integrates and utilizes Departmental, civic and community resources to protect life and property, preserve law and order and enforce State Laws and City Ordinances within the framework of the Constitution.

Just the Facts:

The LRPD currently employs more than 550 officers to protect over 100 square miles in Little Rock. These officers serve nearly 200,000 Little Rock residents and visitors.

Thank you to these LRPD officers for their participation and support:

Chief Kenton Buckner  •  Lieutenant Steven McClanahan, Public Affairs  •  Captain Heath Helton  •  Officer Ashley Duncan  •  Officer Julio Gil  •  Officer Brittany Godfrey  •  Officer Lisa Hernandez  •  Officer Matthew Page  •  Officer Anthony Withers