There’s a story to be told for every product, every service, every company…it’s sitting there waiting to be developed and to take form.
— Dan Cowling, President/CEO, The Communications Group

One of the most transformative things we get to do in our business is take ideas and concepts and turn them into powerful stories that can help change lives for the better. 

That describes Behind the Badge perfectly.  

Current events, a PR concept and a personal connection came together in our office and emerged as a community based, pro-bono campaign that tells a very personal story. The heroes in the story: officers of the Little Rock Police Department, North Little Rock Police Department and the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

In our case the personal connection involves our executive creative director, Claude Locke. His son is in law enforcement. Claude knows firsthand the commitment Behind the Badge.

Our first endorsement came from Senator David Sanders who signed on as a major supporter and launch event host.

Next, our creative team, brought 18 officers together on a sound stage, six from each of the three law enforcement agencies. Each one was asked questions that allowed them to explain in their own words what it means to serve and protect and why they put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Those stories became the TV spots, the radio spots, the social media content, the publicity content and the video for the campaign.  



And then we recruited supporters. Guess what happens when you have a well-told, powerful story? People want to be a part of it. 
With encouragement of our first supporter, Senator David Sanders, we moved forward.

Our media team reached out to media partners, KATV Channel 7, iHeart Radio and Lamar Advertising Company and found willing partners and supporters for Behind the Badge. It’s thanks to these partners that the people of Central Arkansas will get to see and hear these powerful Behind the Badge stories. 

We reached out to a longtime friend and vendor, Positive Impressions, and secured the donation of 10,000 bumper stickers. I worked with former client, associate and well-known journalist and bank officer, Rex Nelson to get Simmons Bank’s 19 locations on board as the place where people can get a Behind the Badge bumper sticker, while supplies last.

I love it when a story comes together. Behind the Badge moved from concept and ideas and pieces and parts to a meaningful story that can help transform the way people view the men and women who put their lives on the line daily to keep our families and our communities safe. 

Many thanks to the police chiefs, the Sheriff and the myriad of other supporters who helped make Behind the Badge come together as a force for change. We hope you get a chance to listen to their stories.  And don’t forget, the next time you see an officer “Tell ‘em thanks.” 


Dan Cowling, III
Chief Storyteller